7 Movies and TV Shows to Stream This Week, October 14

By Aazam

We list some of the most thrilling films streaming every week across all platforms in the hopes that it will encourage you to watch more entertaining movies and television.

Today, we suggest a variety of recently released and newly available titles from movies and television shows, all of which are streamable on the most well-liked platforms.

"High School" follows the twain title characters as they enroll at a new school and grow apart, with one attempting to set themselves away from the other. It is based on the memoir by the musical duo Tegan and Sara

Strode's final meeting with Michael Myers, who has been missing for the past four years, is the focus of the new movie

The true story-based drama "The Watcher," starring Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Margo Martindale, and Jennifer Coolidge, follows a family who spends all of their savings on a dream home

Charlie Hunnam plays an Australian bank robber in the 1980s who escapes to India in pursuit of a better life in the new series on Apple TV.The show follows the main character through intrigue, romance, and other events in stunning period accuracy.

The fourth season of "The Sinner," which stars Bill Pullman as investigator Harry Ambrose in yet another eerie East Coast mystery, is currently streaming on Netflix

"Rosaline," the newest adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" on Hulu, continues the pattern of historical dramas with contemporary viewpoints