7 Amazing Corn Snake Facts: Get the Scoop Here!

By Aazam

There are many fascinating facts about corn snakes, but a select handful stand out as deserving of special attention.

Corn Snakes Are In Australia : The subterranean snake trade and subsequent releases have given corn snakes a minor foothold in Australia even though they are native to the United States.

Corn Snakes Can Breed With Other Snake Species : It is possible to cross breed corn snakes with snakes like California kingsnakes and Great Plains rat snakes. These are known as jungle corn snakes in the pet trade.

Corn Snakes Are Invasive In The Caribbean : Corn snake populations have recently been discovered in the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, the Virgin Islands, and the Lesser Antilles.

Corn Snakes Make Great Pets : They are suitable for beginning enthusiasts since they are docile and don't dislike handling. However, their size and age might be a problem.

Corn Snakes Don’t Have Eyelids : Corn snakes have skin covering their eyeballs rather than eyelids. Like the rest of their skin, they also shed their eyeball skin. It takes around five days for their eyelid skin to fully peel off.

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