40+ Best Kim Kardashian Hairstyles Over The Years

By Aazam

Many years later, Kim Kardashian came to dominate this particular style

She went for a unique look by adding a gorgeous fringe and a tight bun to contrast her dark-winged eyeliner and full lashes

The KUWTK diva was frequently spotted sporting these decadently thick waves that rivaled those of Disney's Jasmine

The majority of Kim's earlier looks had wavy hair. But the 50s-inspired curls that were brushed to the side of this one in particular had folks talking

One of Kim's most famous hairdos was a bleached blonde bob, which she bravely experimented with in 2015. Kim is usually a brunette fashionista

Kim maintained her platinum blonde hair yet again, opting to whip it to the side this time

With her silver-slash-white hair, Kim embraced her inner ice queen

Kim's decision to have a simple hairstyle to compliment her heavily-made-up face only makes sense

It's not often that you see Kim Kardashian with pink hair, but we have to agree that it has a certain feel

Her bleach blonde haircut is parted in a startlingly precise way so that it can fall beautifully down her cheekbones

In addition to successfully promoting Kim's popular KKW Concealer Kits, this haircut and style successfully highlighted Kim's facial attributes

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