25 Action Movies on Netflix for an Adrenaline Rush

By Aazam

It's time to reward yourself with movies that will make your heart race and your palms sweat if you find yourself laying on the couch without any energy

Anon is a process that has reduced crime by almost 0%. Considered one of the best James Bond movies, Skyfall is definitely worth watching

Gun City is a dark Spanish crime action movie. It tells the story of a cop, Extraction This Extraction tells the story of a mercenary

The Nice Guys is a light-hearted and fun action movie, in I Am Mother, a girl raised alone by a mother robot to repopulate the Earth

Rush Hour Action Comedy, Sherlock Holmes Action, Adventure Movie, Inside Man Crime and Mystery Masterpiece, Entertaining Story, The Dark Knight is an Action-Thriller

The Old Guard, 21 Bridges, Triple Frontier, Bright, Drive, 6 Underground, Collateral are all hit and action movies on Netflix

The Adam Project, Uncharted, Blow, Thunder Force, Gladiator are all too good to hit Netflix, and all action movies

Army of the Dead Zack Snyder's latest blockbuster promises a thrill, blending action, crime and horror all along

Red Notice (2021) The anticipated film is one of the many blockbusters from Netflix that is a must-see

Suspicious characters in The Gentlemen immediately try to take over his "land." This is another Guy Ritchie ride you'll be happy to do

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