Sony wanted Angelina Jolie to play a key role in the Tobey Maguire sequel’s Spider-Man 4.

Sony Wanted Angelina Jolie to have a Significant Role in Spider-Man 4

It appears from recently discovered information that Sony originally considered hiring Angelina Jolie for Sam Raimi’s ill-fated Spider-Man 4—the sequel that never materialised.

As most fans are aware, Jolie most recently became a part of the MCU with the Phase 4 movie Eternals, in which she played Thena. The actress even struck it lucky and avoided being abducted by a Celestial at the conclusion of the film unlike the majority of her companions, paving the way for future roles in Marvel films.

Fans are aware that while her return has not yet been formally declared, it is only a matter of when.

What if, more than ten years ago, Sony Pictures had snatched up the actress first and thrust her into the universe of Tobey Maguire’s Spidey? Even outside of the comic book movie genre, such a decision might have resulted in Jolie’s career taking a very different turn.

But who would Jolie have played in that fictitious past?

In Spider-Man 4, Angelina Jolie may have been a villain.

With Great Power, Sean O’Connell’s brand-new Spider-Man-focused book, was given early access to The Direct. O’Connell discovered some exciting new details on what a fourth Sam Raimi Spider-Man film would have included, including the possibility of casting Angelina Jolie and having Vulture serve as the main antagonist.

But the movie wouldn’t have concluded with the death of the vulture. After that, Adrian Toomes’ daughter was supposed to assume leadership of the family as the terrifying Vultress, a unique character created by the Spider-Man 4 producers. Angelina Jolie was apparently “connected to this crucial part for a short length of time” during Spider-Man 4’s production, so it’s clear who the company had in mind during the scrapped sequel’s 2009 development.

Sony Wanted Angelina Jolie to have a Significant Role in Spider-Man 4

It wouldn’t have been enough for Jolie’s persona to just don a villainous costume. She would have also played “an accomplished executive representing a venture capital group that was trying to buy the Daily Bugle” in the movie’s B-plot.

Sam Raimi wanted Adrian Toomes to be more contemporary than how he typically appears in comic books. The villain’s attire reflected some of this, such as the way his wings’ feathers were “made to flip out like razor-sharp blades.”

Additionally, the filmmaker desired a scene for the character that matched the terrifying nature of Doc Ock’s prominent hospital scene. It would have taken the shape of a combat scenario with the Vulture and goons in a library; needless to say, it didn’t go well.

The villain would have acquired his moniker “because after he was done, he didn’t leave anything but bones behind,” according to storyboard artist Jeffrey Henderson.

“He was essentially a man who performed a lot of nasty tasks for the government and for private contractors… I figured it would be funny to claim that the reason they dubbed him The Vulture was in part because, when he was through, all that was left were bones.

Who may have portrayed the antagonist, then? When you combine all of the aforementioned information with the studio’s apparent desire for John Malkovich to play the Vulture, you get a very different impression of the character from what Michael Keaton gave him in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Sony Wanted Angelina Jolie to have a Significant Role in Spider-Man 4

On top of the t-shaped Citicorp Center, which is located on Lexington Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, one of the major sequences for Vulture would have taken place.

According to Henderson, the Vulture “would have] almost killed[ed] Spider-Man,” but Peter’s last-ditch effort would have ended the big bad’s life:

“There was going to be a huge brawl in which the Vulture would almost kill Spider-Man. And then, just as Spider-Man is about to lose everything—seriously he’s hurt, he’s bleeding profusely, and he’s in serious trouble—Peter eventually, almost in response, forces The Vulture off. When he does, it snaps some of the components of the wings, causing him to fall off the top of the Citicorp skyscraper and into the ether. That is what kills him.

The New York City subway tunnels would have served as the setting for an action sequence before to his death. The underground conflict would finally rocket up into the air and erupt from the tunnels.

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, was another character who might have made an appearance in Tobey Maguire’s fourth film. If everything had gone as planned, Anne Hathaway might have been the actress to portray the notorious robber.

It would have been entertaining to have a montage of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man defeating villains like “The Shocker” and “The Stilt-Man” at the height of his powers at the beginning of the film.

We planned to begin the film with a montage of every enemy Sam would never be able to utilise in a Spider-Man film. Since Mary Jane has left, Peter has finally found peace, and he enjoys playing the role of Spider-Man. In fact, he likes it. Therefore, we intended to attempt The Shocker, Mysterio, The Stilt Man, and similar material.

Henderson claimed that the director wanted to go back to the tone and texture of the 1960s and early 1970s comics, yet the fourth Spider-Man movie never materialised.

Raimi “wanted to do [Spider-Man 4] his own way… [without] compromise,” he continued.

Sony Wanted Angelina Jolie to have a Significant Role in Spider-Man 4

If [Sam Raimi] was going to make a “final” Spider-Man film, he wanted to leave the audience with a bang. He had a certain method in mind. No giving in. The studio’s pitch to bring him back was that there would be no last-minute “alter this, change that” directives, but I just don’t think it worked out that way.

With Great Power was sent to The Direct for evaluation in exchange for media coverage. The book is currently available for purchase online and provides all the essential information a fan of Spider-Man on the big screen needs to know.

A Visualization of Jolie’s Alternative Marvel Timeline.

Angelina Jolie’s Vultress might have been one of the returning bad guys in Spider-Man: No Way Home in an alternate reality. But what would have happened if she had played that part?

If the film had been successful, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man might have returned for even more instalments. This might have prevented the Amazing relaunch, drastically decreasing the likelihood that Garfield would have been given a chance in the suit.

The worst-case scenario Tom Holland’s webhead would not have been if Spider-Man 4 had been a success; perhaps it was for the best that things turned out the way they did.

When Angelina Jolie’s MCU character will next appear is still a big unknown. It appears that her 2021 movie will get a sequel at some point, but until then, everyone is stuck waiting for the news to come out.

Jolie will most likely have some type of part in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty at the very least; despite mixed reviews, the gang as a whole is too large to be ignored.

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