She claims that Justin Bieber is “scared to death” of her on television.

According to This TV Personality, Justin Bieber Is "Scared to Death" of Her

He used to live next door to her.

A well-known television personality has entered a plea of guilty to all counts of terrorising Justin Bieber. Judge Judy Sheindlin claimed in a Monday (Nov. 7) interview with Access Hollywood that the 28-year-old pop sensation, who was formerly her neighbour, once avoided her at all costs as a result of some critical remarks she made about him years ago.

The 80-year-old former prosecutor had a nice time chatting about where she stands with the famous person she once lived in a neighbourhood of California while promoting her Amazon Prime show Judy Justice. She remarked, “He’s terrified to death of me.”

After telling CBS Los Angeles in 2014 that the “Peaches” singer was “doing a pretty good job of making a fool out of himself,” the Judge Judy actress continued to describe how Bieber behaved.

According to This TV Personality, Justin Bieber Is "Scared to Death" of Her

She recalled the time as being before he matured, when he was immature and acting foolishly. I must have made a comment about it since I later realised he was paying the front door staff to let them know when I was coming and going so he wouldn’t have to run into me.

Sheindlin’s remarks about Justin Bieber’s conduct in 2014 came after a number of problems affecting the pop singer. He had been charged with assaulting a limo driver a few months earlier (the allegation was eventually dismissed), and police searched his home in January 2014 after he was accused of egging a neighbor’s home. He was also detained that month on suspicion of DUI, resisting police, and operating a vehicle with a suspended licence. Bieber talked about the period of his life seven years after the occurrence. “Not happy with where I was in life. In addition to being hurt, dissatisfied, and angry at God, I was also confused and unhappy. Additionally, I overdid the leather for someone in Miami. All of this is to say that God has truly carried me a long way, he wrote in 2021 on Instagram.

Sheindlin had also remarked at the time of her then-neighbor, “Nobody’s going to remember that he was a marginal singer.” But they’ll recall a young child who missed out on the chance to have it all by behaving foolishly.

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