Senior and Teen She Inadvertently Invited to Thanksgiving; 7th Year of Tradition.

Regarding his surprising connection with Arizona granny Wanda Dench, Jamal Hinton remarked, “The cameras and the fame might cease tomorrow and nothing is changing between us.”

After seven years, Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton are still continuing their improbable Thanksgiving custom.

The two friends first connected over text in November 2016 when Dench invited her 24-year-old grandson over for Thanksgiving dinner. However, she was unaware that her grandson had changed his phone number; as a result, Hinton, who was 17 at the time, received her message.

After some initial uncertainty, the strangers sent each other selfies to confirm their mix-up. Dench, now 65, responded via text when Hinton asked if he could still come over for dinner “You may, of course. Grandmas are responsible for feeding everyone.”

The two ultimately developed an odd relationship, and when their story was posted online, it spread like wildfire.

Hinton, who is now 23 years old, said last year that he and Dench were producing a Netflix movie on their touching holiday tale.

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Most crucially, neither have abandoned their yearly custom, with Hinton posting pictures of each Thanksgiving celebration at Dench’s Arizona home on his social media profiles.

On Tuesday, Hinton posted an Instagram photo of himself and Dench outside the Cheesecake Factory. The photo was taken that day.

Including a turkey and a black heart emoji, he said in the caption, “To address all your questions, yes Thanksgiving year 7 is planned out!

I’ll see you all on Thursday. Finally, Hinton said.

On Wednesday, the two also participated in a pre-recorded portion of the Today show where they each spoke about the influence their friendship has had on their lives.

According to Dench, “He literally transformed my life and my perspective on new generations about being open to friendships when you believe you have nothing in common with someone.” “But what if you just sit with them and converse? I’m really sorry.”

Hinton admitted, “I honestly don’t know where I would be sometimes. “She is an incredible friend and member of my family. We frequently discuss this. I once told her, “The spotlight and the famous can go away tomorrow, and nothing will change between us.””

Absolutely,” said Dench. I will always have him in my heart.

Additionally, the two don’t only talk on Thanksgiving. All year long, they stay in touch by having dinners and calling each other to catch up.

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When Dench’s husband Lonnie passed away in April 2020 following a fight with COVID-19, Hinton was present with his girlfriend Mikaela. Hinton also accompanied Dench to get her first tattoo.

In an interview with Today, Dench said, “I heard some wrestling at my front door and I opened it up and Jamal and Mikaela were dropping off a load of food and gifts and whatnot.”

She is involved in everything I do, no matter what, according to Hinton.

Thanksgiving will be a little different the next year because Dench is retiring and intends to relocate a few hours away. But Hinton emphasised that he intends to make the trip in order to see her once more.

Even though texting isn’t Dench’s strong suit, they will continue to do so till then. “He frequently texts me. However, I usually say, “Just call me,” “She laughed.

Hinton informed her, “We’re going to work on your texting.”

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