Selena Gomez reveals details of her 2018 psychosis and claims that her medication for bipolar disorder may prevent her from becoming pregnant.

Regarding the possibility of having children, Gomez told Rolling Stone, “However I’m meant to have kids, I will.”

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Selena Gomez is openly discussing her desire to have children in the future.

The 30-year-old singer spoke openly about her desire to have children in the future and why she thinks it would be challenging in an interview for Rolling Stone’s newest cover story.

Gomez revealed to the publication that she once went to see a friend who was attempting to conceive. She recalls crying in her car after their time together and worrying that the two drugs she takes for her bipolar disease will probably prevent her from ever being able to have children of her own.

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Gomez told the publication, “That’s a very significant, large, present thing in my life,” before adding that she hopes to still have children in the future.

Regarding the possibility of having children, she stated, “However I’m intended to have them, I will.

Bipolar disorder drugs may result in birth deformities such as neural tube defects, heart defects, as well as developmental delays or neurobehavioral disorders, according to a doctor-reviewed article from WebMD. However, given that bipolar symptoms might deteriorate during pregnancy, some doctors advise continuing such drugs through childbirth.

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Throughout the interview, Gomez spoke about a psychotic episode she had in 2018. She claimed that she spent several months in treatment while experiencing paranoia and having trouble trusting individuals around her, adding that she doesn’t recall much from the time period. According to RS, the “Rare” musician’s acquaintances at the time had problems identifying her, and her mother found out about everything via TMZ.

According to Gomez, who gradually found herself “walking out of psychosis” before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and using a number of medications while physicians sought to come up with the right combination, psychosis can linger for an unpredicted period of time.

What to Expect as Selena Gomez Launches a Radio Channel

She noted that although she felt “gone” from her prescriptions, her condition eventually got better, and she was eventually taken off all but two of them by a new psychiatrist. She said to RS, “He truly led me. “However, I had to practically detox from the medications I was taking. I have to develop my memory for some words. When we were conversing, I would lose track of where I was. For me to (a) acknowledge that I was bipolar and (b) learn how to live with it since it wouldn’t go away, it took a lot of effort.”

In April 2020, on an episode of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Live show Bright Minded, Gomez revealed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She has previously been candid about her struggles with anxiety and sadness.

After years of suffering through a variety of different things, she recognised that she was bipolar, she claimed at the time. “Recently I went to one of the greatest mental hospitals in America, McLean Hospital,” she added at the time. “So it genuinely helps me when I go to get additional facts. I’m not afraid of it now that I know it… Knowing everything about it satisfied my curiosity and lessened my worry.”

Gomez talked more candidly to presenter Kelly Clarkson during Wednesday’s broadcast of The Kelly Clarkson Show about her trip to the McLean Hospital in Massachusetts. “It’s one of the top hospitals since they offer a wide range of services for mental health. I was so able to announce my diagnosis for the first time in public, “She remembered. And even though it wasn’t simple, it gave me tremendous power.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder is a mental illness that “causes unexpected swings in mood, energy, activity levels, focus, and the capacity to carry out daily duties.”

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me is the title of the new documentary in which Gomez will frankly discuss her successes and failures with mental health.

Gomez spoke exclusively with PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of her new Apple TV+ project. She discussed her perspective on the modern world.

Let’s start there, she said, “I have a very healthy relationship with my therapist.” “I have my Rare Impact Fund in action. I’m meeting individuals and having these talks.”

Gomez continued, ” “I visited the White House for the meeting on mental health, and I want to take the best possible initiative.”

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