Responding to the controversy surrounding kidney donor Francia Raisa’s Instagram comment, Selena Gomez.

Raisa seemed offended when Gomez referred to Taylor Swift as her sole professional friend.

Selena Gomez Responds to the Drama Over Kidney Donor Francia Raisa's Instagram Comment

In response to the online scandal between her and her friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa, Selena Gomez finally spoke up. Over the weekend, Raisa attracted notice when she removed her “Interesting” comment on an E! Gomez’s Rolling Stone statement about Taylor Swift being her sole “industry” pal was featured on the company’s Instagram. Although Gomez didn’t say specifically which industry she was referring to, many people assumed it was just the music industry. Actress Raisa is.

I never fit in with a cool group of ladies who were celebrities, Gomez revealed in her full Rolling Stone interview. “Taylor [Swift] is literally the only buddy I have in the business, so I remember feeling out of place. Everybody living their lives to the fullest around me was palpable. I was quite delighted that I had this job, but was I really? Do these worldly possessions make me happy? I came to the conclusion that I simply didn’t like who I was because I didn’t know who I was.

A lot of people noted that Raisa also seemed to stop following Gomez on Instagram. Gomez presently follows Raisa, but Raisa does not follow Gomez.

As of 9 AM EST, Francia Raisa has stopped following Selena Gomez.

Gomez said, “Sorry I didn’t include every person I know,” on a TikTok about the commotion surrounding her failure to mention Raisa or her other pals in the comment or include them all in her documentary My Mind and Me.

Selena Gomez Responds to the Drama Over Kidney Donor Francia Raisa's Instagram Comment

Raisa was noted as being there for Gomez’s 30th birthday celebration in the Rolling Stone article. Additionally, Gomez and Raisa just shared a TikTok video together:

In March 2021, Gomez and Raisa last spoke in front of the public about Raisa’s kidney donation to Gomez. Gomez thanked Raisa for her generosity, saying, “Thank you for blessing me. I will always be appreciative to you.

Gomez talked about how reluctant she was to ask Raisa to get tested to see whether she was a match when the two of them discussed Raisa giving her kidney to Gomez on the Today Show in October 2017. Gomez’s own kidneys were shutting down as a result of her lupus.

Gomez said, “She lived with me during this interesting time when my kidneys had just failed.” It ended there. I was unwilling to ask anyone in my life. To ask someone to do that was something I found quite challenging. It is exceedingly tough to find a match for even someone who wants to volunteer, but she volunteered and did it. It’s astounding that she was a match, to be honest. That is not true.

According to Raisa, “She [Gomez] came home one day, and she was emotional. I didn’t pose any questions. She hadn’t been feeling well, and I knew it. One day, she was unable to open a water bottle. She then threw it away and broke down in tears. I then asked, “What’s wrong?” At that point, she informed me. I don’t know what to do; the [donor wait] list is seven to ten years lengthy, she continues. And it immediately passed out of me. Of course I’ll get tested, I thought.

Raisa claimed that she had called her assistant and asked for the information because she wanted to accomplish this despite Gomez’s objections due to Raisa’s own demanding profession.

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