New images of Ariana Grande with blonde hair on the Wicked set show her breaking free.

In some behind-the-scenes photos from the Wicked movie adaption, Ariana Grande flaunted her blonde hair. Observe her hair, which resembles Glinda’s.

Ariana Grande Rocks New Photos,Rocking Blonde Hair on Wicked Set

We love you so much, Glinda the Good Witch, my dear.

The 29-year-old singer Ariana Grande provided an inside look into the film adaptation of the musical Wicked, in which she will play Glinda.

By uploading a mirror selfie in a hat that says “Wicked” with her co-star Cynthia Erivo, who will play Elphaba, polaroid photographs, and a video of herself hard at work for the movie on November 7, Ariana showcased her blonde hair for the part, which she originally unveiled on October 26.

In the video, Ariana’s blonde hair is tied back into braids while she screams enthusiastically while music is playing on a laptop in front of her.

Reposting the video to her Instagram Story, she added the following caption: “I like Galinda and I adore comping. My best days ever.”

It appears that Ariana also revealed hints to her movie outfit, so the fun does not end there.

Ariana Grande Rocks New Photos,Rocking Blonde Hair on Wicked Set

The actress appeared in one photo taking a selfie while wearing an eye makeup look that featured glittering pearls, which would be highly popular with Glinda. Ariana appeared in another image sporting a pair of character-appropriate Rodarte ballet flats.

Regarding putting herself (both metaphorically and literally) in Glinda’s shoes, Ariana previously shared all the information about her audition procedure.

She stated in a May makeup video on YouTube that she “started hearing murmurs about a Wicked audition coming soon, so I went into full preparation mode, while I was also shooting The Voice.” “I was practising my shooting and classes every day since I merely wanted to be ready for the call. I just said, “I want to be ready to go in,” even though I had no idea when it would arrive.”

“And now, thank God, this part that I’ve admired since I [was] 10 years old and that is going to have every bit of me,” she continued, “is the most beautiful gift of my entire life.”

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