Beyoncé’s stylist refers to one of her Met Gala outfits as a “Homage to Diana Ross.”

One of Beyoncé's Met Gala outfits is described as a "Homage to Diana Ross" by her Stylist

The Givenchy ensemble is one of Ty Hunter’s favourites, who has been styling Bey for years.

With the help of her stylist Ty Hunter, who she has been working with for years, Beyoncé has created some of her most recognisable looks over the course of her career. In a People Every Day interview with the fashion guru on Thursday (Nov. 10), she discussed one of them and revealed that a particular soul music star had actually been the inspiration for it. It was her stunning beaded black dress and veil ensemble worn at the 2014 Met Gala.

First, Hunter discussed how Riccardo Tisci crafted the Givenchy ensemble for the gala’s “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” theme. Regarding the designer, he stated, “He simply understands it. There aren’t many people who can accurately recreate the sketch from a photograph. Simply put, he performed a terrific job.

The celebrity stylist went on to say that he, Bey, and Tisci worked hard to make the gown reflect the soul of none other than the queen boss of The Supremes. My favourite singer, Diana Ross, was being paid honour, Hunter remarked.

One of Beyoncé's Met Gala outfits is described as a "Homage to Diana Ross" by her Stylist

Hunter recently published a memoir titled Makeover From Within: Lessons in Hardship, Acceptance, and Self-Discovery, for which he invited the vocalist of the song “Break My Soul” to write the introduction. “When I asked Bey, she said, ‘I’d be honoured,'” said Bey. He said to People, “Of course I’ll do that. “I was genuinely moved by what she wrote. Every time I read that, it makes me cry.

View Beyoncé’s 2014 Met Gala outfit, which was influenced by Diana Ross, below:

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